1. brutalism in the bronx: morrisania air rights

    21 Jun 2020
    in a city so architecturally diverse - albeit increasingly sleek and glassy - as new york, it should come as no surprise that concrete has carved its own niche in the city’s architectural landscape. though nyc is not the quintessential brutalist city, brutalism is represented well thanks to buildings like…

  2. brutalismo mexicano: una introducción a la arquitectura brutalista de la ciudad de méxico (cdmx)

    19 Apr 2020
    el museo rufino tamayo representa la arquitectura brutalista, la historia y la cultura de cdmx la arquitectura de la capital mexicana es increíblemente diversa, y dentro de todos sus estilos arquitectónicos el brutalismo mexicano y su concreto logran representarse bien. existen varios edificios brutalistas en la ciudad - el auditorio…

  3. mexican brutalism: an introduction to mexico city’s brutalist architecture

    13 Apr 2020
    the tamayo museum is representative of cdmx’s brutalism, culture, and history mexico city boasts beautiful brutalist architecture, but unfortunately the city’s concrete structures aren’t as on the map as those of other cities, such as london’s or boston’s this isn’t helped by mexican brutalism’s online search landscape, at least from…

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